Workshops for Schools, Colleges & Universities.

Samswara’s Indian Music workshops give a comprehensive introduction to North Indian music, through the experience of melody ( Raga ) and rhythm ( Taal ) and the relationship between the two.

Samswara have delivered these workshops together for over 15 years to schools, colleges & universities across the UK.

Workshops can also discuss & reference The Beatles ‘Within You Without You’ from the Sgt. Peppers album for the current AQA GCSE Music syllabus if required. The workshops can include a sitar & tabla performance.

Indian Music Workshops are also available for Arts centres, festivals & cultural events & can be combined with performances.

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Indian Music Workshops

These workshops can be tailored to the needs of various age groups and abilities. Available for students from Key stage 2 – BA Music level. If required, for GCSE level we can cover The Beatles ‘Within You Without You’ from the Sgt. Peppers album to meet with curriculum requirements. (see below).

Each workshop covers the fundamental principles of North Indian classical music and demonstrates their application on two of Indian music’s main instruments- Sitar and Tabla. Through the use of traditional oral teaching methods, participants will learn a Raga – Indian scale and a Taal – Indian rhythmic time cycle and learn how the two are interwoven to create a traditional Indian music performance.

Each workshop will cover:
Tuning & approach to pitch & scale
Structure of a Raga
Structure of a Taal
Indian music’s approaches to composition
Indian music’s approaches to improvisation
Application of oral notation – participation through traditional methods of speaking & singing
Rhythmic syllables & singing melodic scales & melodies.
Indian Music terminology – Raga, Taal, Alaap, Jor, Jhalla, Sitar, Tabla, Tihai’s, Meend etc. with explanations and demonstrations of how the Raga, Tala & musical performances are structured.

The workshops can include a sitar & tabla performance.

Indian Music / ‘Within You Without You’ Workshops – for AQA GCSE Music Syllabus

Samswara sitar & tabla duo are offering workshops tailored to cover the AQA GCSE Music syllabus requirement to study Indian Music & The Beatles ‘Within You Without You’ from the Sgt. Pepper’s Album.

The workshops give a clear introduction to the key elements of Indian Music in it’s traditional context and also details how George Harrison used elements of Indian Music in ‘Within You Without You, with demonstrations on sitar & tabla.
The workshops cover both Raga & Tala, with specific focus on the Raga & both Taals that are used in ‘Within You Without You’.

Students will learn about the terms used in Indian Music – Raga, Taal, Alaap, Jor, Jhalla, Sitar, Tabla, Tihai’s, Meend etc. and how the Raga, Tala & musical performances are structured.

Students and teachers also learn the traditional oral notational system of Indian Music – how to sing the names of the notes (Sargam) and speak the rhythms (tabla bols). The use of this system leaves the students & teachers with tools to continue developing work based on Indian Music after the workshop.

These workshops include a sitar & tabla performance of ‘Within You Without You’ and can also include a traditional Indian Music performance.

Samswara – Jon Sterckx (tabla) & Ricky Romain (sitar) are professional performers of Indian Music. They have been teaching & leading workshops in Indian Music together for over 15 years. Both have also been Associate Lecturers at the University of Plymouth.

In February 2018, Samswara were commissioned to deliver workshops focussing on Indian Music & ‘Within You Without You’ at Aiglon International College in Switzerland. (See teachers recommendation below).
These workshops are the result of their research into this specific study, combined with their existing knowledge and experience of Indian Music. The workshops are designed to be useful, informative and inspiring and are a perfect way to augment students’ understanding of this area of GCSE Music study.

“It was a pleasure to welcome Jon and Ricky to Aiglon. They were true experts and imparted their knowledge and understanding of Indian music most successfully, and nicely differentiated too, to a wide age range of Aiglon students – from aged 8 to 19 (Junior School students through to advanced IB music students). Their work was well researched and prepared, particularly their presentation on “Within Without You”, a GCSE set study piece, to our Year 10s and 11s. An added bonus was their hour-long concert to the school community. This was inspirational, well received, and really reinforced the learning achieved in the afternoon workshops. Ricky and Jon were a pleasure to have stay with us and took a real interest in the work of the music department and our students at Aiglon. They will be back, for sure!” Mr N R Gaston (Aiglon College, Switzerland).

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